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I’m not great with building habits.

It’s been an issue I’ve struggled with all my adult life. Possibly longer but I don’t recall habits being so much of a concern when I was a kid.

The reason why it’s been a struggle could be because of ADHD or anxiety causing paralysis. Either way, consistency remains an uphill battle.

That’s especially true with writing. Writing has so many benefits that I’ve wanted to make it a key habit for me. Journaling has helped with my mental health. Writing doubt what I’ve learned has helped solidify knowledge and improve my communication of complex topics. Blogging and sharing online has helped me find friends and build an identity.

So I’m hoping to start again, but this time I’m gonna set the bar very low. I’ll have some prompts to make sure I write every day. These prompts, frankly, won’t be interesting for most readers, but will help me write a post on a daily basis.

I have 3 main goals by the end of a year.

  1. To get back in shape - lose about 30 pounts
  2. To run a revenue-earning business
  3. To reach conversational fluency in Spanish

With that I hope to write a daily post about these goals.

I have made small strides in each but I want to make it more data-driven and share for the sake of accountability.

So here’s the first update.

I am currently at a weight of 198 pounds. I have a few fitness and diet strategies to start losing weight

I have a revenue of $0 for my app, a no-code virtual assistant builder. I’ve just started building the initial MVP and am excited to share what I’ve learned.

I am somewhat intermediate level in Spanish, traveling to Madrid next month. I have a few study plans in mind that will help me improve.

Each day I’ll do my best to update one or all three of these goals. This will help me keep focused but will also help me build a habit I’ve always wanted to have.

If any of this interests you, feel free to check out this site for more posts or subscribe to my newsletter where I’ll provide regular updates of my writing.